Our Story

KonVicTion: A Legacy and Lifestyle

Award winning singer/ musician/ actor , Athlet "Flav" St.Fleur wanted to create a line with a person of style in mind. KonVicTion satisfies a need in the HMI for quality, aesthetically-pleasing watches that resist the status quo and stagnation. KonVictTion was created after finding that the market is riddled with stagnation and a need to box Haitian artist in one category. We wanted to set a standard for future generations to go through life with KonVicTion. 

Our Haitian heritage sets the tone for our KonVicTion that all things are possible. We strive to create high quality products while creating authentic,  vintage classic designs. We design experiences that make people feel special. 

A little happier. A little more connected. A little more KonVicTion!